Services Advanced Manufacturing

Advancing the critical path through custom, integrated manufacturing solutions

Integrated Systems

Our team specializes in optimizing complex processes by implementing fully integrated systems of equipment, technology, processes, data, and people — resulting in seamless project delivery and consistent outcomes for large-scale capital projects across the globe.

Equipment & Processes

EPIC delivers end-to-end manufacturing solutions across four facilities, from material management and supply to process development and data — for a seamless customer experience. 


Our cutting-edge technology increases consistency and reliability across services, including autonomous welding and cutting platforms, advanced shipping tags and RFID, and facility advancements. 


We invest in advanced data analytics and information systems, such as our MATVIS Project Information System, to drive efficiencies and accountability in the product manufacturing lifecycle.


Our dedicated team of professionals support turn-key manufacturing solutions for our clients, covering all aspects from fabrication services and support to sales and distribution expertise.

Defining Principles of Advanced Manufacturing

EPIC's industry-leading standards and performance are driven by our expertise in and knowledge of the principles of advanced manufacturing.

Engineered to Order

Advanced Technology

Efficiency & Productivity

Cost Reduction & On-Time Delivery