Projects Propane Dehydrogenation Plant

Construction of a propane dehydrogenation plant

Clean Energy

Mont Belvieu, TX


This project involved the construction of a second propane dehydrogenation plant (PDH) for a midstream energy company. PDH will have the capacity to convert 35,000 barrels of propane per day into 1.65 billion pounds per year of polymer grade propylene, a chemical that is key ingredient in making plastics.

EPIC manufactured and shipped 7,512 prefabricated pipe spools for this project and welded over 423,000 diameter inches and more than 3,000 tons of pipe.

EPIC Results
  • Over 98% weld acceptance rate
  • Executed seamlessly across two fabrication facilities maintaining an average cycle time of 8 weeks
  • Leveraged MATVIS project information system to seamlessly manage project execution