Projects Oil Refinery Rebuild

Refinery restoration and rebuild project


Superior, WI


This rebuild project was initiated in response to a fire that occurred at an oil refinery in Wisconsin for an energy company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration. The project restored and rebuilt the refinery's damaged facilities, ensuring a safe and efficient return to normal operations. EPIC provided over 13,000 pipe spools and 208,000 linear feet of pipe, with over 1,700 tons of material.

The project was 100% hydro and involved a challenging expedited supply chain to speed up delivery times. EPIC’s MATVIS project information system was employed to deliver real-time analytics throughout the execution of the project.

EPIC Results
  • Over 98% acceptance rate of randomized radiography
  • Production cycle time of 11 weeks including a 100% hydro-testing requirement of all spools
  • Joint project sponsorship between contractor, fabricator, and owner