Insights Data-Driven Manufacturing

From project development and material management throughout the entire manufacturing process, we use data to provide employees and clients with the right information, at the right time.

Data-driven manufacturing provides manufacturers with valuable insights into their operations, helping to identify inefficiencies and optimizing processes for maximum productivity and predictability.

At Epic, data is in our DNA. From early project development and material management throughout the entire manufacturing process, our data is constantly evolving to provide our employees and clients with the right information, at the right time, anywhere.

Evolving Data to Reduce Errors

EPIC's engineering and MRP systems have been customized to generate all data required to feed downstream planning and quality platforms, without the need to re-enter data, eliminating the need for a traditional manual spool sheet and allowing better planning and timely change management. 

Productivity Enhanced

Combined with the MATVIS Project Information Management System, customers are provided unparalleled visibility into their projects throughout the manufacturing process.

In addition to reducing errors and data re-entry, EPIC employs the use of the Factor Diameter Inch (FDI) to manage shop floor capacity planning in its manufacturing facilities. The use of FDI normalizes the complexity of pipe spools and eliminates the inherent variations across differing schedules, diameters, and material types within the piping industry. This creates a common language across each facility that can be mapped to work hours, tonnage, DI, etc. — providing true shop capacity and production flow.

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