Epic Results Innovation

Pioneering the critical path

In our constant pursuit of precision, EPIC maintains a focus on innovation and technology. Through advanced analytics, information systems and automated technology, we strive to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of human-factor error across our manufacturing and distribution lines of service.

Innovation by the Numbers

7 weeks

Average product cycle time

Less than 2.5%

Average weld reject rate globally for more than 4 years

4,200 tons

Material handled monthly 

Strategic Investments in Data and Technology

Digital Shop Floor Operations

From real-time monitoring to predictive maintenance, our innovative digital operations drive efficiency, quality and predictability. 

Digital operations

Track & Trace Technology

An RFID-based solution for real-time pipe spool visibility throughout the supply chain from fabrication to installation.

Track and Trace

Advanced Robotics

Robotic cutting and welding machines in each facility increase efficiency and reduce production time.

Business Intelligence

EPIC MATVIS provides clients access to advanced project analytics, fixed reports, secure file data exchange and more. 

MATVIS Project Information System